Together with Rolf Eickmann as Partner and Marcel Rostalski as Manager, Malte Stöckert founded Stingorg GmbH in 2013. Our dynamic Management Team already had decades of experience in the consulting sector. From then on, we were therefore able to implement numerous efficient shop-floor solutions as StingOrg and gradually expand our business.

In 2017, the second subsidiary in Böblingen was added and with it a valuable addition to our Management Team: Kåre Sten, who took on the position of Branch Manager. The opening of the third branch in Eindhoven in the Netherlands followed at the end of the year. Thanks to the excellent infrastructure in place, our employees can quickly reach our customers nationally and internationally – with a high degree of flexibility, passion and expertise.

Our view of the fundamental problem areas in a product life cycle – what can we do together?

A product development starts with a product idea (Research & Development). Over time, design inputs become product requirements. It is later decided which components will be manufactured externally by suppliers. At the end of the development process, industrial engineering is included, which should design production lines and validate production processes. In addition, there are, for instance, quality-related services. They ensure quality controls and process monitoring throughout the process.


At a certain point in time, the product matures and goes into production. Often you follow a ramp-up phase. If the product is on the market, customer complaints often arise, which the Quality Department sends back to R&D, suppliers or production. The product optimization process begins.

Organizational units and people are involved throughout the process management, representing very different interests. This inevitably brings potential for friction, misunderstandings and stress. This is where StingOrg can help in all phases of product development. Often, it is not until the ramp-up phase that fundamental quality standards are found to have been disregarded. In this case, tension has to be averted at short notice. StingOrg is your reliable, goal-oriented partner even in this critical phase.

Together with our customers, we solve problems in the areas of quality, production and development. Whether it’s introducing a new product, optimizing a production line, or introducing a new quality policy, it doesn’t matter. The interplay of people and organizations creates many sources of friction that can flare up under certain circumstances.

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